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Tutorial: Trial License, License System, Cost Information and Escrow Service

Get basic information about the Data Analysis system

Duration: 5.46 min

Tutorial 1: Install and Updates

Install, deinstall and update Data Analysis

Duration: 2.59 min

Tutorial 2: New Features, Feedback, Bugs

If you need new features, want to provide feedback or if you encounter problems

Duration: 4.11 min

Tutorial 3: Toolbar

The Data Analysis Toolbar is the main control element to evaluate your tests

Duration: 5.20 min

Tutorial 4: Evaluate your files

Evaluate single tests, batch evaluation, evaluate from SQL database

Duration: 4.31 min

Tutorial 5: Parameters Files

File to describe your specimen, to customize and to export your graphs

Duration: 3.51 min

Tutorial 6a: Parameters Dialog Part 1 – „Electrochemistry“

Dialog to create and to link your parameters file(s) with your test files. Add electrochemical parameters of your specimen.

Duration: 13.20 min

Tutorial 6b: Parameters Dialog Part 2 – „Graph Control and Export“

Dialog to create and to link your parameters file(s) with your test files. Customize and export your graphs.

Duration: 12.01 min

Tutorial 7: Compare, Merge, Continue

Great features to benchmark your tests and test rows, to merge files into one graph and to update your evaluations while tests are running

Duration: 10.08 min

Tutorial 8: Connect to an SQL Server

SQL servers can store a large number of your test files. With Data Analysis you can directly evaluate your files from an SQL server

Duration: 7.27 min

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