Batalyse is a modular software for evaluating and organizing measurement data for batteries and fuel cells.

The basic module Batalyse evaluates measurement data and creates numerous customizable and multilingual result diagrams.

Mind is a database for the organisation and structuring of data. Mind provides all background information and metadata for an (evaluated) measurement file and additionally contains all functions of a laboratory book and a chemical database.

Batalyse and Mind can be used independently as “stand-alone” products. A combined use, however, allows an automatic data exchange of both modules. Thus, inputs for a measurement in Mind are automatically taken over by Batalyse and do not have to be entered again. Conversely, Batalyse automatically sends the evaluated measurement results to the database.

Batalyse can be downloaded here.

Mind will be implemented at Fraunhofer ICT in early 2020 and published some time later.

We would be pleased to create customized software for data analysis and organization for your application and field of expertise.

The following software modules will be developed from 2020:

  • The goal of Automate is to run the data evaluation unnoticed by the user in the background. The user can fully concentrate on the interpretation of the results and make subsequent decisions.
  • Predict is an additional feature of Batalyse, which prognoses the aging of a cell/module/battery or fuel cell on the basis of existing measurement data by using state-of-the-art algorithms.
  • Do you have to write similar reports on measurements for customers over and over again? Report does that for you.
  • Are you looking for a suitable cell for your application? You are trying to assess whether a cell is suitable for your application conditions? Network is a service offer to make your measurement data available to other users and at the same time to access their shared data.
  • You want to know to what extent individual process parameters have an influence on your product quality? Big Data enables you to perform complex data analyses by using the modules Batalyse and Mind.