Batalyse Changelog

2020.14 (updated 27.08.2020, valid until 31.10.2020)

  • Activate the graphs page by default after evaluation
  • Fixed bug which prevented comparison graphs from being plotted

2020.13 (updated 21.08.2020, valid until 31.10.2020)

  • Added single test and comparison “Accumulated Coulomb Inefficiency” graphs
  • Improved graph numbering in the parameters dialog
  • Bug fixes

2020.12 (updated 12.08.2020, valid until 30.09.2020)

  • Added single test and comparison DCIR graphs
  • Bug fixes

2020.11 (updated 30.07.2020, valid until 30.09.2020)

  • Added new potential curves (V cs. C) diagrams which display the charge and discharge together as a single curve per cycle
    (standard and compare diagrams available)
  • Bug fixes

2020.10 (updated 13.07.2020, valid until 31.08.2020)

  • Improved support to some Basytec data formats
  • Added an option to set start and end cycle range for all graphs with cycle number as X axis
  • Improved step time calculation accuracy – in measurements with very low sampling rates or heavily reduced data files,
    the calculation of step time in previous version may have resulted in inaccurate values,
    which in turn were used for calculating values such as averaged current and potential.
    The old calculation method will still be used when using Origin 2020 due to a bug in that version of Origin,
    which was resolved in Origin 2020b.
  • Added links to the Batalyse upload server in the bug report and support windows.
  • Improved Russian diagram translations
  • Bug fixes

2020.09 (updated 03.06.2020, valid until 31.07.2020)

  • To help us stay in contact with you and improve Batalyse, entering an email address is now required
  • Added a progress bar indicator for the import of Excel files
  • Improved diagram translations to French, Portuguese and Japanese
  • Small visual improvements to SQL import table
  • Bug fixes
2020.08 (11.05.2020)
  • Bug fixes
2020.07 (05.05.2020)
  • Added support for Arbin .res/.accdb files under “Import from database”
  • Added filter fields to DB import table selection
  • Added option to cancel evaluation from the parameters dialog (hover on the submit button and click “Cancel all” on top)
  • Improved support for excel files with multiple tests, each test can have separate parameters now
  • Improvements to EIS evaluation
  • Many bug fixes and usability improvements


  • New layout for the SQL import table with better filtering and sorting
  • Changes to SQL import parameters input
  • Rearranged toolbar icons and some labels
  • Support import of Basytec and Arbin excel files with multiple tests in a single file
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Improved support for Arbin excel files
  • Better handling of Maccor exported files with numeric file extensions
  • Improved average current calculation for current/c-rate display
  • New comparison functions:
    • Ability to set name to automatically created comparison
    • Average potential curves graph
    • Potential curves comparison in a single graph
    • Added voltaic efficiency to cycle average potential graph
    • Cycle average potential comparison graph
  • Use test name instead of number when importing from Basytec SQL Server
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Improved error handling
  • New bug reporting dialog with automatic notification on errors
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • New version numbering scheme


  • Added support for Bitrode cyclers
  • Improved Maccor support
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Small rearrangement to the parameters dialog to improve usability
  • Fixes for pulse tests
  • New graphs: State of Health, Cycle Polarization and Potential vs. total Capacity
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Small bug fixes to the comparison function


  • Improvements to the comparison function to allow comparison of comparisons
  • Better naming for the comparison folders and worksheets
  • Improvements to the relative capacity graph
  • Re-changed the weight units to mg when no cell type is selected
  • When active material weight is entered, gravimetric capacity will always be shown as mAh/g
  • bug fixes and improvements


  • Many internal changes to the processing of the user parameters.
    The structure of the parameters file has changed, therefore the information in JSON parameter files from previous Batalyse versions is no longer recognized
    If a bug is encountered when the  parameters dialog is opened, please try deleting the old JSON file and then retry.
  • Added an option to select from an existing cell type to use pre-set cell parameters regarding the volume of the cell and area of the electrodes.
    The pre-set parameters may be further modified by the user
  • Changed the input mass units from milligram to gram, except when Lab / Custom cell type is selected
  • Separated inputs for theoretical capacity (in mAh/g) and nominal capacity (in Ah). Only one of the two is necessary for calculating the C-rate.
  • When a cycling test includes pulse measurements, the pulses will now be ignored by the cycle detection mechanism to make the cycling graphs more useful
  • Many bug fixes and small improvements


  • Rearranged the parameters dialog for better organization and increased user friendliness
  • Added switch for areal weight, automatically convert areal weight to absolute weight if selected
  • Simplified graph legends parameters
  • Improved the processing performance and added a new progress bar
  • Improved Maccor processing
  • Automatic axis unit scaling in most graphs
  • Bug fixes
  • Further improvements to Scienlab support
  • Fixed bugs when running in Origin 2020
  • Bug fixes and improvements to comparison graphs


  • Improved Scienlab support
  • Bug fixes


  • Added support for Neware data files


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fix for certain tests with no full cycles (only charge / discharge)


  • Bug fixes for auto determining full capacity
  • Fix for missing spaces in some graphs between “mAh” and “g⁻¹” when the active material weight is entered


  • Added key figures table to the comparison function


  • Added a parameter under “graph control” for changing the line style of curve graphs (Both discharge and charge as solid, or discharge as solid and charge as dashed)


  • Further improvements to dQ/dV Graphs: For better control, added a parameter for setting the minimal potential interval to be used (dV)
  • New graph: Differential Thermal Voltammetry (DTV – dT/dV)
  • Added comparison graphs for dQ/dV over Capacity and for DTV
  • Improved cycle recognition for Bio-Logic
  • Improved full-capacity auto-determination
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • dQ/dV Graphs:
    • removed the “# of rows for differentiation calculation” parameter which was previously used to deal with cases where dV = 0. Instead, the differentiation will now use 1 row by default, and automatically use more rows when needed. This results in better accuracy and less “clipped” peaks
    • Added option to automatically mask and hide pause and potentiostatic steps from dQ/dV graphs
  • Prevent plotting of the relative capacity graph when the prediction result is negative
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed bug from 2019-0829 which prevented comparison graphs from being plotted


  • Added a feature for setting priorities to the graphs, which determines the order of the embedded graphs in the worksheet created by “embed graphs”.
    • Please note that graph selection from JSON parameter files created with older Batalyse versions won’t be used, therefore if using old parameter files please re-select the relevant graphs for you.
  • From this version onwards the changelog will be available separately on
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes to relative discharge and potential curves graphs


  • Redesign of the parameters input dialog
  • New graphs:
    • Relative capacity loss (in %) over cycle with linear fit and prediction to 80% capacity
    • Cycle resistance curves over Capacity or time
      Improvements to DEMS graphs
  • Starting now, older versions of Batalyse will be available on as a temporary “quick fix”, in case that a certain feature is broken in the newest version.


  • Bug fix for some diagrams with missing templates.
  • Made the welcome screen only reappear once a month when “don’t show again” is checked


  • Moved the electrode selection back outside of extended parameters.
  • Bug fix for averaged potentials diagrams when negative electrode is selected.
  • Changes to plot colors in comparison diagrams


  • Changes to plot colors in curves diagrams
  • Improvements to EIS


  • Merged pulse analysis with cycling.
  • Added an option in cycling to determine the nominal capacity automatically, which is then used for calculating the C-rates.
  • Changed step averaged current calculation to exclude potentiostatic steps from the average.
  • Added 100% Coulomb-efficiency lines to additional graphs.
  • Small visual changes to the parameters input dialog.
  • Changed the default colors and turned on antialiasing (for smoother display) in some graphs.
  • Improvements to thickness measurement evaluation.
  • Adjustments to cycle time calculation to include the time of the first row.
  • Basytec SQL Import: Added filtering to system# column, removed the system name column.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Added an option to set the first cycle as partial (only discharge or charge step),
    such that the following cycles will begin at the next step (i.e. cycles begin with charge after an initial discharge).
  • Bugfix for error while merging specific files.
  • Added a parameter to pulse test for choosing capacity determining step
  • Fix for “Select all” in sql table selection to only affect currently visible rows.
  • Various changes to step detection algorithm to make it less likely to fail in some new situations.
  • Improved support for Biologic


  • Bugfix for error in batch evaluation in specific cases


  • Added Temperature curve to Potential+Current over Time graph when temperature data is available
  • Added initial support for some Graphtec measurements


  • Changed the capacity detection algorithm for Pulse test to use charge capacity instead of discharge when using auto-detect full capacity.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the power and energy densitied per kg active material to show values per gram instead of kg.


  • Bug fixes
  • Changed default selection of “Auto-detect important cycles” to disabled to prevent confusion


  • Fixed bug for files ending with text rows


  • Initial support for graph customization: allows selecting font sizes for various graph elements in the parameters dialog
  • Additional small changes to the parameters dialog
    Bug fixes


  • Fixed bug which caused capacities to be shown as 1000x higher in some systems which use mA for current
  • Fixed possible mismatch between the capacity units on the y-axis and on the legend


  • Moved the electrode selection option to make it more accessible
  • Modified the V and E efficiencies calculations when negative electrode is selected
  • Added an option to set a title for the graphs
  • Improved error messages in some cases
  • Bug fixes


  • Added option to select the tested electrode (positive/negative)
  • Fixes “DISP_FUNCTION” warning messages showing when opening the dialogs
  • Removed the restriction on the precision in some of the column formulas to make the calculations more precise
    Small bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug which caused the comparison function not to work properly


  • Fixes to DB import
  • Increased cycle energy and power calculations accuracy


  • Bugfixes and general improvements
  • Only save the full path for the parameters file if it is different than the path of the test file, otherwise only save the file name without the full path.
  • Changed the Parameters file format from XML to JSON, please note that older parameter files will no longer be recognized.
  • Changed the default behavior to automatically open the parameters dialogs for files without existing dialogs. If a (JSON) parameters file already exists, ask whether to use it as-is or modify it before running.
  • Added “Project Id” field to the SQL import table.
    New App Icon