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Collect is a server that automatically collects and centrally stores your measurement, test, production, sensor and analysis data independent of the file type and structure. The data is automatically categorized by analyzing file header, file source, file name and manual presets which can be defined specifically by yourself.

Collect accesses folders shared on the network. An admin controls which folders should be monitored by Collect and defines which users, groups or departments get access to this data.

As soon as a measuring computer exports data to a monitored folder, Collect synchronizes the data to a central server with defined access rights. Alternatively Collect connects to OPC-UA servers to access production and sensor data.

With Collect you solve these problems:

  • No manual collect/copy of data from different buildings and labs.
  • Data and experiments are forgotten and/or are only stored locally on employees’ workstations.
  • Processing different file formats and structures is complex and manually time-consuming.
  • Categorizing and assigning data is time consuming.