Battery + Analyse - in a few seconds

Batalyse is a software project in development for companies using electrochemical energy storage and fuel cells in their products and for scientists active in material/cell/module/battery/fuel cell research. Batalyse evaluates measurement and CAN data* from energy storage devices and fuel cells within seconds, compares measurement data and creates multilingual result diagrams and statistics if required. An associated, optional database module* organizes the measurement data with all background information (process, test specimen, project, material) and enables extensive data evaluation, pattern recognition* and automated evaluation*. A reporting module* creates customized protocols and reports.

Batalyse is a project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.

*Batalyse is a software in development. The CAN data evaluation, the database module, pattern recognition, automated evaluation and the reporting module is not yet available publicly.

Save time and money with Batalyse

Batalyse comfortably saves time and money

Result diagrams are created in a few seconds and immediately exported as graphic files if required. An evaluation of several measurement files takes place batchwise one after the other. The diagrams are automatically labelled according to your requirements (e.g. with the C-rate).

Superior database and documentation

Superior database and documentation

You receive clearly arranged background information on a measurement result. Which test plan, which processes, tools, materials were used? Enter process parameters yourself (e.g. drying temperature) and link them to your electrochemical measurements. Pattern recognition makes correlations visible and thus enables the development of better products.

Maximum information gain

Maximum information gain

Batalyse gets the most out of your measurement data! Unless you specify restrictions, Batalyse will create as many result diagrams as possible. No more information is lost due to limited evaluation time.

Get the best decision basis

Get the best decision basis

Compare any number of measurements and get statistical information. Does the newly delivered batch of cells have other properties? Find and evaluate suitable suppliers or compare newly developed materials.

Keep your data secure

Keep your data secure

All of your measurement data stays in your house. No data is forwarded to 3rd parties or forced into cloud storage. You retain control over your data.

Company-wide standard

Company-wide standard

Result diagrams are created uniformly throughout your company or institute. Set a standard for all your diagrams. Customize font, axis labels, size, and chart title. Add your logo to each result diagram and impress your customers with result diagrams in their native language.

Our team

Eran Nave and Markus Hagen

Eran Nave

Batalyse Developer

Materials engineer and software developer

Markus Hagen

Sales and Management

Battery researcher for over 10 years

Group leader at Fraunhofer ICT – Batteries

Get in touch

If you are interested in Batalyse and would like to contact us personally, please send as an email to

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