Batalyse - Battery + Analysis

Customized software system solutions
  • Data Analysis evaluates your battery and fuel cell test data.
  • Collect synchronizes your test and analysis data from networked measurement computers and stores it centrally.
  • Mind is a laboratory information and management system. Link your test data with information on materials used, tools/equipment and processes and create your test item information.
By combining the Batalyse software modules, you document your data accurately and reliably for later AI use and automate your data analysis

With Batalyse you solve these problems

  • Different file structures and formats make it difficult to collect and to analyze data.
  • Data is valuable, but only if it is accurately and extensively documented and securely stored centrally. In particular, efficient use of artificial intelligence (AI) requires good, documented data.
  • Data evaluation is time-consuming and costs an engineer up to 40% of his working time.
  • Key performance indicators of batteries and fuel cells are the basis for decision-making in order to differentiate from competitors. With competing solutions, sensitive, critical information is no longer stored in-house but with third parties.

Our customers

  • Material manufacturers who evaluate and benchmark their products
  • Cell manufacturers evaluating and benchmarking cell samples in prototype lines
  • Research and development: materials/cells/stacks/modules/packs, special analysis procedures

Our customers

Our team

Eran Nave and Markus Hagen

Eran Nave

CTO - Batalyse Developer

Materials engineer and software developer

Markus Hagen

CEO - Sales and Management

Battery researcher for over 10 years

Group leader at Fraunhofer ICT – Batteries

Get in touch

If you are interested in Batalyse and would like to contact us personally, please send as an email to

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